“Lived reality is the inside of reality.” The lived room is perceived differently by everyone, although it always arises from the very same real room. Already the bare perception of the reality converts it to our own version of it. Our sensory impressions are stamped by our reason, i.e. the rational and irrational movements of the imaginary room, which are influenced by the experiences and events that came from our lived room. The circulation of mutual influence of the imaginary and the lived room starts from the moment you become conscious of yourself. At that point the world, which you perceive, becomes your own world.

This work is a research on how the self works. Without getting personal, single fragments from the human inside are taken off and are taken to pieces to get the sum of the results of a visual and general representation of our intern.

“The world is what it is because you did what you did.” In Fragment I the perceiving and acting human is faced with its own actions in the real room. Through the fusion of the levels in this circulation the search of the origin is getting difficult, the presence can only be suspected.

Fragment II refers to the collision of rational and irrational streams as well as the resulting deep desire for balance of the self. On the one hand illogically explicable movements are pushing. Cause and laws stay in the dark. On the other hand more or less defined thoughts and condition support the self.

The wish to be someone else is the origin for Fragment III. While the desire for security is growing on the inside, one even fails on the surface to calm this longing. The efforts grow with the increasing desire, which is a mutual building up, the pressure on both sides is increasing. Pretty soon you could perceive the movement as aggressive, something that pulls or even tears you.

Furthermore, there is an unconscious uncertainty, i.e. the ignorance about events that happen in oneself. Fragment IV explores the impotence in interpreting and dealing with the scarcely perceptible impulses of the self.

It’s touch and go whether the balance remains. The moment in which the support falls is the moment in which you become conscious of the consequences of your behavior and you can’t bear it anymore. The moment in which you want to rip the skin down from your body – along with all individuality and identity. The moment that means a complete and radical change, in which you question your own existence.